Where does the content on Openverse come from?

There is openly licensed content hosted on millions of domains across the breadth of the internet. Our team systematically identifies providers hosting CC-licensed content. If it’s a good fit, we index that content and make it discoverable through Openverse.

Some providers have multiple different groupings of content within them. Flickr has sources ranging from NASA to personal photography. The Smithsonian Institute comprises a dozen diverse collections. Wikimedia Commons runs the gamut in terms of content, and is used by several Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums highlighting some or all of their digitized collections.

Openverse is especially grateful for the work of Europeana, an organization that works to digitize and make discoverable cultural heritage works across Europe. Openverse is able to index hundreds of valuable sources through a single integration with the Europeana API.

How do we decide what sources to add next?

We have a never ending list of possible sources to research prior to integration. We ask ourselves questions like:

  • What is the impact or importance of this source to our users? If it exists within a provider like Wikimedia Commons, is it valuable for our users to be able to filter by this source directly?
  • Is licensing and attribution information clearly displayed to enable confident reuse?
  • How many new total items or new types of items can we bring to our users through this integration? Some sources are direct integrations, while others may be a source within a source.

We appreciate suggestions for new sources from our community of users.

Suggest a new source

Clicking on a Source allows you to browse and filter items within that source.

Image Sources

Total items
Animal Diversity Web 15,554
Biodiversity Heritage Library 243,596
Brooklyn Museum 63,340
Cleveland Museum of Art 37,332
Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon 15,143
DeviantArt 238,982
Digitalt Museum 289,769
Flickr 468,372,077
Flora-On 55,010
Geograph Britain and Ireland 1,090,119
McCord Museum 108,815
Metropolitan Museum of Art 255,420
Museums Victoria 160,720
NASA 115,600
New York Public Library 1,276
PhyloPic 3,967
Rawpixel 25,831
Rijksmuseum 29,999
SVG Silh 358,942
Science Museum – UK 82,277
Sketchfab 37,872
Smithsonian Institution Archives 8,180
Smithsonian Institution: Anacostia Community Museum 597
Smithsonian Institution: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum 71,765
Smithsonian Institution: Freer Gallery of Art 6,017
Smithsonian Institution: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden 427
Smithsonian Institution: National Air and Space Museum 5,946
Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of African American History and Culture 8,544
Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of African Art 241
Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of American History 9,720
Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of Natural History 3,379,476
Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of the American Indian 246
Smithsonian Institution: National Portrait Gallery 13,874
Smithsonian Institution: National Postal Museum 3,628
Smithsonian Institution: National Zoo 462
Smithsonian Institution: Smithsonian American Art Museum 12,095
Smithsonian Institution: Smithsonian Gardens 4,907
Smithsonian Institution: Smithsonian Libraries 55
SpaceX 924 35,228
Thingiverse 32,395
Thorvaldsens Museum 5,356
WOCinTech Chat 267
WP Photo Directory 2,518
Wikimedia Commons 48,323,576
World Register of Marine Species 19,783

Audio Sources

Total items
Freesound 60,069
Jamendo 89,136
Wikimedia Commons 25,083